Is Beauty Skin Deep?

“A woman is beautiful because she just IS!

Your beauty is not tied to your face,size,shape,body type,skin,hair color/length,height,weight.

Your beauty is not tied to your achievements, your bank account or your level of education.

It is ok to work on improving yourself.

If you want to lose weight.Please do!

If you want to get a degree.Please do!

If you want to start a business! Please do!

If you want to look better by taking care of your skin,your health and creating a better life for yourself please do!

However,don’t wait for this to happen for you to feel like you are beautiful.You are beautiful right now and in this moment.

A woman is beautiful just because she is.Please don’t add anything to this statement but do everything you can to get the things you want in life that you think will make your life better.

Keep working on yourself but never stop loving yourself in the Process.You are awesome and you are enough!   (


Hello! Have you heard this expression before, “Beauty is skin deep”. This week when I posted a picture on Instagram and wrote the caption above encouraging women to love and accept themselves as they are while working on becoming who they want to be in different areas, this phrase came to mind.

I could not recall hearing it before. However, i could not stop thinking about it as i went about my daily activities. As I thought about the statement, it occurred to me that it might be referring to beauty being deeper than the way we look. Not quite sure how if i was on the right track, i decided to google it and see if there was an article or blog  that could help me better understand it.

Below are some excerpts of what random people on the internet had to say about this statement.

External attractiveness has no relation to goodness or essential quality. This maxim was first stated by Sir Thomas Overbury in his poem “A Wife” (1613): “All the carnall beauty of my wife is but skin-deep”

“It means there is more to beauty than just physical attributes. A truly beautiful person is one who has multiple attractive qualities, one being physical Beauty, but it isn’t the paramount trait. A beautiful personality, or other trait can often be as much or more of a desirable trait than physical beauty.”

“That it is both external and transient. The expression also means to get across the idea that a human being’s worth should be based on less superficial qualities.”

The above definitions are not an attempt to define what true beauty is. Beauty is defined by different people,cultures and religions in different ways. Everyone defines and perceives beauty differently. And we are all entitled to our ideas and opinion on what beauty truly is.

To me beauty is a combination of inner and outer attributes that make each of us unique,special and amazing. So my answer is Yes! To me,beauty is skin deep.

Beauty for a LuluClassyPicks Woman

Because beauty tends to have so many different definitions for different people, I will like to give you an idea of how I perceive the LuluClassyPicks woman. Beauty for the LuluclassyPicks woman stems from her confidence and her boldness as she tirelessly looks into herself to discover who she really is,what makes her unique and what she wants out of life. Her inner beauty stems from her confidence in the way she perceives herself and this ultimately translates to the way she carries herself. She carries herself with confidence,grace and strength because she loves herself and the life that she lives. Because she is in sync with who she is and what she wants, she is able to dress herself up with confidence. She learns and understands her body and in doing so, she discovers what kind of outfits,colors or style will work best for her body. She dresses to stand out and she dresses for herself before anyone else. And even when she is still trying to find herself she has unquestionable belief in her self worth and faith that she is becoming better every day.


Therefore,beauty for a LuluClassyPicks woman is a two sided coin. It flows from the inside out. And as Lulu will always say…Sometimes it is not what you wear,it is the way that you wear it that makes the difference and honestly what really makes a woman beautiful is the belief that she is indeed beautiful. I hope we inspire you to be confident and walk in the strength of who you really are. Because we believe every woman is beautiful. Some of us just need to awaken to this REALITY.

Love Always,


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